Gprokeg - whole series plastic kegs are far ahead of all other plastic kegs

The first bag in keg concept globally, the first non-explosion plastic kegs globally, the first double bag system globally, the first muti-barrier technology globally, the first and only taste stability technology for plastic kegs globally, the first reusable plastic kegs concept globally, the first portable mini plastic kegs globally ...

The most cost-effective kegs globally

Unique reusable keg concept, and bag in keg concept, up to 60% lower cost per fill than an one-way keg

and/or stainless steel keg, the most cost-effective kegs globally   Discover More

The safest plastic kegs globally

The unique GFRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic) keg concept, over 20bar pressure resistance of reusable

plastic kegs, and over 15bar pressure resistance of plastic eco-kegs, no risk of keg explosion for carbonated

drinks   Discover More

The best quality of kegs

The unique multi barrier technology and taste stability technology, and unique radiation sterilization without

any germs in the inner bags and spears, up to 12 months shelf life in keg and 4 months shelf life on tap,

original taste and flavor of beverages   Discover More

The greenest plastic kegs

not only focus on recyclable, but focus more on reducing total amount of material waste, water waste,

chemicals, transport, to reduce the carbon emission; about 80% less material waste vs one-way kegs, 90% less

water waste vs stainless steel keg, the most eco-friendly plastic kegs globally   Discover More

Application of the Gprokeg plastic kegs

Other Beverages

Gprokeg Family, Perfect for all beverages

Based on technologies and experience from years R&D, the innovative Gprokeg GFRP and plastic kegs provide possible the best packaging solution   for beer, wine, juice, carbonated drinks and/or even chemical products, etc.,




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GFRP Eco-kegs
GFRP Reusable kegs

About GProKeg

Based on technologies and experience from years R&D, with technical cooperation and support from the partners globally, the innovative Gprokeg premium plastic beer keg System - reusable kegs, eco-keg and portable mini plastic kegs, providing possible the best packaging solution for beer, wine, juice, carbonate drinks and/or even chemical products,etc.   Read more


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